The Meeker McLeod Sibley Healthy Communities Leadership Team (MMS HCLT) is a coalition of community members that has been in existence over fifteen years.

MMS HC is a collaboration of organizations and individuals partnering together to promote health and well-being within our communities.  Created in January of 1995, the MMS HCC is supported by the Healthy Communities Leadership Team (HCLT), which meets on a quarterly basis and who’s commitment is ” to improve the health of our community.”

This coalition also serves as the Community Leadership Team for MMS CHS’s Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) grant, from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Collective Action

MMS Healthy Communities CLT has agreed to use a collective action framework in order to increase efficiencies and decrease duplication.  Collective action occurs when organizations agree to coordinate activities in pursuit of shared objectives.  While community partners are active and engaged with community level initiatives there are still internal agency priorities. The collective action approach requires collaboration and partnerships to work on overarching goals to address the priority areas, while each agency continues to utilize local agency data and work on interventions specific to their agency.  Collectively, all the agency interventions contribute to the overall common goal.

After the June 2016 community health assessment, topics were most prioritized.

The final list of topics were

The Collective Action Approach will allow each partnering agency to identify their contribution (if any) towards the identified priority areas.  This will allow agencies to share information, resources and coordination of services that will result on a larger impact on the community.


To advance healthy living within our three counties.


To partner with communities to encourage and support efforts to impact environmental change and enhance healthful living.

MMS Healthy Communities Collaborative History

Created in January of 1995, the MMS HCC workgroup has had a specific focus since 1996

  • 1996 and 1997 focus was Chemical Health (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs)
  • 1998 focus was Child Passenger Safety
  • 1999 focus was “Our Time Their Future” (ATOD, Gun Safety and Self Esteem)
  • 2000 focus was “Lighten Up Stress Less”
  • 2001 focus was “Its Never too Late to Feel Great – Eat Smart, Stay Active.”
  • 2002 focus was “The Smoke Around You – Will You  Want to Breathe it?”
  • 2003 focus was “Type 2 Diabetes..A Growing Epidemic.”
  • 2004 focus was “Eat Smart PlayHard”
  • 2005 focus was “Do Groove” with My Pyramid
  • 2006 was “Put a Rainbow on Your Plate”
  • 2007 was “Let’s Take a Walk”
  • 2008 to present ” Healthy Communities Collaborative” and it’s success stories.