Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Community Leadership Team (CLT)?

The Meeker McLeod Sibley Healthy Communities Leadership Team (MMS HCLT) is a coalition of community members that has been in existence over fifteen years.

Community Leadership Team is also the core strategy team for SHIP in Meeker, McLeod and Sibley Counties.  The CLT represents a unique diversity: four sectors, organizational, geographical, ethnicity, gender, age and expertise.

How do I get involved at the local level?

Contact our Team Coordinator or fill out our Contact Request form today!

What is the role of community partners?

MMS Healthy Communities CLT has agreed to use a collective action framework in order to increase efficiencies and decrease duplication.  The collective action approach requires collaboration and partnerships to work on overarching goals to address the priority areas, while each agency continues to utilize local agency data and work on interventions specific to their agency.  Collectively, all the agency interventions contribute to the overall common goal.

The next step in this process is to further define the issues identified and develop strategies which will result in more healthful living.  Convening with community partners with expertise in these areas will be integral to achieving change in our communities health. The role of members of the CLT is to allow each partnering agency to identify their contribution (if any) towards the identified priority areas.  This will allow agencies to share information, resources and coordination of services that will result on a larger impact on the community.

What type of partners does MMS HC look for?

In order to accomplish change, it is important to engage leaders and influential community members with experience in and a commitment to advancing healthful living for residents in our 3 counties.

The types of community partner necessary for success:

  • Community – farmer’s markets, master gardeners, chambers of commerce, citizen’s, non-profits, neighborhood groups, trails groups, faith community, child care providers, media, community education, community supported agriculture, mental health experts, social workers, couselors.
  • Local Government – elected officials, administrators, planners, transportation, park and recreation
  • Schools – administration, before/after school program directors, faculty, food services, parents, students, coaches, athletes, parent-teacher organizations, wellness committee members, school nurses, preschool/ECFE coordinators, social workers, counselors
  • Health Care – hospitals, clinics, public health, health plans, migrant health, student health, community outreach workers
  • Worksites – business owners, managers/supervisors, wellness coordinators, Human Resources Managers, Benefits Managers, worksite wellness committee members, Chamber of Commerce leaders and members

What is SHIP?

SHIP stands for Statewide Health Improvement Partnership.  The goal of SHIP is to help Minnesotans live longer, healthier, better lives by preventing risk factors that lead to chronic disease.

Instead of taking a more traditional, individual and programmatic approach to improving health, we will engage in a comprehensive effort to simultaneously improve the health care system and improve the health of the environment. SHIP plays an important role by focusing on policy, systems and environmental changes to make truly sustainable, lasting changes in the state’s obesity and tobacco crisis.