Obesity Prevention

The Healthy Communities Leadership Team members gathered together with numerous community partners and collectively completed a community health assessment.

Obesity was identified as a priority area in both the 2013 and 2016 Community Health Assessments (CHA), done collaboratively between local public health and the health care organizations within Meeker,
McLeod and Sibley Counties and organized through the CLT.

The CHA is a requirement for Community Health Boards under MN Statue 145A, as well as an IRS requirement for local non-profit hospitals that meet certain criteria. Asa result of the 2013 CHA, the Obesity Prevention Subcommittee was formed to identify and implement solutions locally to impact obesity,
thus developing the Rx for Health pilot program.

Update on Current Work

The Obesity Prevention Subcommittee launched its initial pilot project on May 11, 2015 called Rx for Health.  This project has been a collaboration between Community Education, Health Care and Public Health and  MMS Healthy Communities Collaborative. Participating local Community Education departments include:

www.litchfieldcommunityed.com       http://www.ci.hutchinson.mn.us/pdf/parkbrochure.pdf

www.gsl.k12.mn.us       http://www.sibleyeast.org

www.gfw.k12.mn.us       http://www.dc.k12.mn.us/commed/

Rx for Health has been  a local pilot project led by the Meeker-McLeod-Sibley Healthy Communities Leadership Team (CLT) with the goal of Health Care providers connecting patients to local
healthy eating and active living resources through partnerships and referrals to local Community Education programs. The ultimate goal of this program is to help community members engage in long-term strategies for healthy living.