Collective Action

For over 20 years, the three-county collaborative between hospitals, public health and partnering organizations have worked together in effort to create healthier communities. This year, with the release of the community assessment there will be an added document and commitment for collective action through the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) from all partnering agencies/organizations.

Collective action occurs when all partners agree to coordinate activities in pursuit of shared goals and objectives. Too often there is a challenge in balancing resources and staff capacity between internal priorities and external community needs. While partners are active and engaged with community level initiatives there continues to be internal agency/organization priorities.

The collective action approach requires collaboration from all partners to work on overarching goals to address the community needs and establish common priority areas for health. Each agency/organization utilizes shared local public health data to work on interventions specific to their agency/organization and contribute as a whole to overall community goals.

Diagram A represents a visual of the collective action approach created by The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC).