Emergency Preparedness Subcommittee

History of the Group:

The group came about in 1998-1999.  As a group, they  met, discussed and agreed to local roles and responsibilities in the areas of communicable disease prevention, surveillance and control (Disease Prevention and Control Common Activities Framework) for the following entities; Minnesota Department of Health, local public health, area health care providers and health plans.

The Meeker, McLeod, Sibley Healthy Communities Collaborative Full Team made a decision in November 2001 to call together the Disease Prevention and Control Workgroup with the direction that this workgroup review the status of emergency preparedness of health care providers, public health agencies and local EMS/fire/rescue/law enforcement personnel and develop plans for improving local coordination. This workgroup consists of area hospitals, clinics, local public health agencies, Ridgewater College, and local Emergency Management.

Current Work:

The Emergency Preparedness Subcommittee is very active and meets on a quarterly basis.  Recently this group worked with community partners to provide a Mass Vaccination Exercise for sixth-grade students in April of 2014 across Meeker, McLeod and Sibley Counties. Funding for this exercise was provided by a federal immunization grant to support the school immunization law changes going into effect on September 1st, 2014.