Focus on Fitness: The Warm Up

October 11th, 2013
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We all know we should warm up before we complete our workouts.  Sometimes, though, it becomes that thing that we skip when we get in a hurry.  Sometimes we just walk or “do the elliptical” for five minutes and call it “good enough.”  Perhaps we should re-think this, and put a higher value on our warm ups.

Warming up our body for our workout really isn’t the same as it used to be.  Back in the day, we would do a couple static stretches and call it a good warm up.  These days, “dynamic” warm ups are all the rage.  Dynamic warm ups are really just a fancy way of way of saying moving while you warm up.  The difference between static stretches and dynamic warm ups is actually a nice, continuous flow of movement.  The movements that we do during our dynamic warm up prepare us for the moves that we will do during our actual workout.

Benefits of doing a dynamic workout include:

  • developes greater range of motion
  • improves muscle activation
  • promotes body awareness
  • enhances muscle recruitment and power
  • prevents injury

Wait, how can I do a dynamic warm up?  Here is an excellent video to follow.  Get in the habit of completing a dynamic warm up before your workouts, and you will see some positive outcomes in your workout!

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