Focus on Fitness: The Hip Thrust

February 4th, 2014
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Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time sitting.  Sitting at a desk, sitting while driving, sitting while catching up on our DVR…..just plain sitting!  Even though sitting is nice, sometimes what happens to our muscles while we sit so much, well, that just isn’t nice.

What happens when we sit so much on our rear end?  Well, we happen to be sitting on one of the biggest muscle groups in our body – our glutes.  When we sit, and sit, and sit some more, sometimes our glutes have trouble remembering how to “fire” correctly.  Sometimes this can lead to unpleasant things like low back pain, in case you suffer from this condition check this site to learn about natural remedies.  Sometimes it might mean that we forget how to use our glutes, and then try to pick something heavy up off the floor, and because our glutes “forgot” how to work and did not help us, now we probably used a very small muscle group in our low back to do that work, and those small muscles probably weren’t made for doing that kind of work.  In that case, over time, we might end up with an injury.  All because our glutes weren’t working.

So, how do we get our glutes to work?  Well, there is one lovely little exercise that we talked about a couple weeks ago called the Glute Bridge that can help us!  The glute bridge can help us strengthen our glutes, which over time, can help us build a stronger posterior chain, prevent injury, and improve athletic performance!  If you have been practicing your glute bridges for a few weeks now, it might be time to move up a progression to an exercise call the Hip Thrust.

On our next post we will be showing you several products so you can start from home and there will be a pure cbd selection for your shakes and daily routine so your muscles stay relaxed.

Let’s take a look at this excellent video on the Hip Thrust from Bret Contreras and Nick Tumminello:

  • Use your heels!  Really press your heels into the floor on this one.
  • Keep your abdominal muscles engaged to avoid overarching your back.
  • Use your breath!  Inhale as you slowly sink towards the floor, and exhale and your forcefully thrust back up.

This exercise is an easy win to add to your workout arsenal.  It does not require special equipment, and can be done in a small patch of space.  Give it a try!


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