Four Ways To Increase Activity (And Not Notice)

June 11th, 2014
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Depending on what you do for a living, you might find yourself sitting for a bulk of your day.  Sitting at your desk at your job, sitting while driving to and from work, sitting while watching your kids play in their school baseball game, and sitting while you catch up on your favorite shows from the week.  We sit way more than we think.  Going from a habit of being in a seated position to a full fledged exercise program can seem overwhelming.  So, let’s not get crazy here, but let’s look at a few ways to actually increase your activity.

Before we get started though, let’s not make this about a formal exercise program.  Let’s make it easier than that.  Let’s just make a goal of increasing our activity and not calling it “exercise.”  Here are five ways to increase your activity, and probably not even notice it:

  • Get up!  Basically, don’t sit.  If you are chained to your desk for a bulk of your workday, consider setting an alarm every hour and getting out of your seat for five minutes to walk around.  You know, hit the bathroom, run to the copier, or just simply stand up and organize your desk.  Also, some employers are noticing the benefits of standing workstations, so that may be another option as well.  In those five minutes, you don’t have to go crazy, just don’t sit!  Consider a nice shoulder stretch or two as well.
  • Play!  Get on the floor and play with your kids instead of sitting and watching them play.  Get involved!  Crawl around on the floor and chase them.  Have them chase you.  Make a game of it!  Play actively!
  • Cook and prepare meals!  If you think about it, you move around your kitchen a lot when you cook and prepare your own meals at home.  Chopping veggies and other ingredients takes movement, as does standing over a stove, grabbing things from the fridge, and washing dishes.  Cook and prepare your own meals, and get your family involved, or have them congregate around the kitchen and chat with you while you do it!  You can sit and enjoy the meal when the prep is done!
  • Organize!  Before sitting down to watch your favorite shows each night, consider spending 15 minutes tidying up your house.  Guess what you will be doing those 15 minutes?  You got it, MOVING!  On top of a little extra movement, you also got a cleaner house.  Bonus!

Adding extra movement here and there doesn’t have to be a major deal, it can be something really simple.  Odds are that you don’t even notice that extra movement, but you will notice feeling more involved, and probably will find yourself feeling a little more productive as well.  Bodies are made to move, not be sedentary.  Our bodies will probably thank us for the extra movement!

Can you think of any other ways to increase your activity in a sneaky way?


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