Healthy Communities sees overrall health of residents as a top priority

February 6th, 2018
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Our counties; Meeker, McLeod, and Sibley have identified common goals and objectives throughout our region that need to be improved.  The overall health of residents is first and foremost for our partners.  Join us in this action and take control of your health for you and your family.

How do you picture a healthy community?  By witnessing people making positive choices and behaviors, many individuals can and will impact the greater population.  Look for people being active around you…biking, walking, and running.  Maybe it will inspire you to also make active choices?  Look for activities or events on food preparation, cooking demonstrations and seminars to promote making better food choices for you and your family.  Check your areas listing of events and make a change to impact your health for today and tomorrow.  It may inspire you to make a change.  Let’s make all of our communities a healthier and happy place to live. Check out some of the community reports regarding the work we are doing locally.

One of the collective actions initiatives is to improve access to food and decrease obesity rates for our residents.  The Power of Produce at the Farmer’s Market in Hutchinson is a great way to encourage kids to purchase fresh vegetables.  Giving the kids authority and access to fresh items allowed them to buy and consume locally grown produce.  What a fantastic way to get our youth started in the right direction.  Take advantage of the many programs offered thru our partners both health care facilities and public health organizations. Check our website for more success stories throughout our region.


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