Playground Workout – A Family Affair!

May 29th, 2014
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It’s beautiful outside these days, isn’t it?  Sunshine, fresh air, and the kids are almost out of school.  It is the perfect time of year to take your family to the park in the evenings after dinner.  I know how it goes as a parent, it’s easy to sit on the park bench and read a book or scroll through your smartphone for updates and email checks while your kids play, but try to leave your phone at home!  Use a park date with your family as an opportunity to unplug and re-connect with your loved ones.  Oh yes, and get a family workout in!

Here is a sample park workout for you to try with your entire family!

1) Find an open area of grass and run from one end to the other.  Make it a race.  When you get to the end, stop for a second to catch your breath, and then immediately turn around and either walk or crawl like your favorite animal back to where you started.

2) Find a park bench and step up onto it with your left leg ten times.  Then step up with your right leg ten times.  If the step is a little high for the little kids, have them jump like a frog while you are doing your step-ups.

3) Find a set of monkey bars and do your best to hang from them, or swing across the set.  Help your kids along the way too.  See who can get the farthest.

4) Head back to the open grass and run from one end to the other.  Stop, catch your breath, and walk or bear crawl back to the beginning.

5) Head back to the park bench and complete ten push-ups at an incline on the bench.  Help your kids complete these as well.

6) Take a step away from the bench and complete ten squats and help your kids do the same.

7) Head back to the grass and run one more length and jog or walk back.

Rest!  You have just completed a playground workout circuit!  Start with one round, and build your way up to two or three.

Need some more inspiration?  Here is a very nice guide from Nerd Fitness on building and progressing your playground workouts.



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