Three Easy Travel Tips For Summer

May 26th, 2014
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Summer is here!  Are you taking a vacation?  Many people hit the road and drive up to the cabin for the weekends during summer.  Some hit the road and take a longer vacation and drive to various locations.  Some don’t travel for an official vacation, but log many hours in the car driving kids to various summer activities like baseball games, camp, and other fun things.

Long car rides can be an easy way to snack on a lot of unhealthy things in the name of boredom.  The catch 22 to this though, is that it’s not always fun feeling icky and sluggish while on a long car ride.  Eating and snacking too much sometimes can make you feel a little wonky, and with a few hours left of your car ride, this isn’t anyone’s favorite thing.  Also, being stuck in the car can make you feel stiff and achy, and that doesn’t feel great either.

So, with that in mind, here are three easy tips to get you to your destination feeling great and ditching the icky:

  • Hydrate!  It’s easy to forget about water and drink soda, juice, Gatorade, or any other convenience beverage instead when traveling.  Let’s skip those and drink good old H20.  Pack yourself your favorite water bottle and refill along the way.  Bonus points if your bottle is reusable and able to keep your water supply cold.  If drinking water bores you, add a few lemon, orange, or cucumber slices to your bottle.
  • Eat well!  Even with a few people in your vehicle, you can probably manage to pack a small cooler to keep some healthy eats readily available when hunger strikes.  Some easy things to pack might be a few sticks of string cheese, a few hard boiled eggs, grapes, strawberries, and even a few handfuls of baby carrots.  Now that we have protein and produce addressed, let’s toss in a few handfuls of mixed nuts for a dose of healthy fat as well.
  • Move!  Long car rides can make you feel “crunchy” when you are stuck in the same position for hours on end.  Make a point to get out of the car every two hours or so and move around.  Get out of the vehicle, stretch your legs and just walk for a bit.  Moving around also wakes you up a little bit, so when you get back to driving, you will feel more alert and refreshed and ready to tackle another hundred miles or so.

These are three easy tips, right?  Give them a try on one of your long trips this summer, and see if they don’t help you out.


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